Leadership Teams

St. Ann’s is owned and operated by the Carmelite Sisters, DCJ, and includes these leadership teams and members:

Community Advisory Board

Tom Wesholski – Chair
Terri Hegarty – Vice Chair
Thomas Czerney – Secretary / Treasurer
Annmarie Post
Jim Brady
Fr. Tom McKinney
Barb Herr
Fr. Mark C. Przybysz
Jack Bales
Sheila Knopke
Mark Davey
Mark Olesnavage
Lee Ann Langlois
Steve Karnes

Board of Directors

Sr. M. Immaculata
Sr. M. Giuseppe
Sr. M. Emmanuel

Leadership Team Contact List

Dana M. Prince
Executive Director 616-453-7715 ext. 1101

Sister M. Gabriela
Assistant Director 616-453-7715 ext. 1102

Cindy Cook
Transition Care Coordinator 616-453-7715 ext. 1116

Mischelle Peel
Director of Clinical Services 616-453-7715 ext. 1104

Rex Townsend
Director of Assisted Living 616-453-7715 ext. 1103

Crystal Fowler
Director of Dining Services 616-453-7715 ext. 1111

Director of Human Resources 616-453-7715 ext. 1108

Jake Jazwinski
Dir. of Environmental Services 616-453-7715 ext. 1118

Gregg Sanborn
Director of Life Enrichment 616-453-7715 ext. 1115

Sandee Reno
Director of Social Services 616-453-7715 ext. 1124

Joni Lahmann
Director of Finance 616-453-7715 ext. 1109

Kim Chambers
Director of Education & Infection Control ext. 1106

Tim Bulson
Dir. of Community Relations ext. 1114