Giving to St. Ann’s

St. Ann’s has provided a caring, Catholic-based, personalized continuum of senior care services since 1951. On any given day, nearly 150 residents are physically and spiritually active here, participating in a wide range of recreational, clinical and faith-based events.

This positive and enriching approach symbolizes the Heritage of Care that is the hallmark of the Carmelite Sisters who founded and lead St. Ann’s today. Their compassion and concern inspire the entire staff to provide the highly-personalized care that supports this tradition and has also led to five-star quality ratings.

Another key to our ability to provide the high level of care we are known for is the deep and ongoing commitment of friends of St. Ann’s who make generous gifts of time, talent and funds that support our work.

We ask you to reflect on St. Ann’s, its mission and its residents and to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider a gift that will contribute to this Heritage of Care. Your generous donation will help guarantee St. Ann’s residents continue to receive quality, compassionate care.

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