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What’s New:

See what’s new in and around St. Ann’s in the August 2017 Scoop

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Mary’s Haven August 2017 Calendar
Joachim’s Place August 2017 Calendar

St. Ann’s will again host an August gathering of a local classic car club.
Friends and relatives join us at 6 p.m. on Aug. 17, in the front circle drive.

St. Ann's front drive was filled with classics.

The Carmelite Sisters, DCJ, extend an open invitation to spend a weekend with them,
to discern whether God is calling you?
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Standing Events and Opportunities:

Each year St. Ann’s residents, families and staff create new memories during an ever growing list of annual events held on and off the campus. The list includes:

  • Holy Day celebrations
  • Special Masses and Liturgies
  • Participation in the annual Alzheimer’s Walk in nearby downtown Grand Rapids
  • The “I Run for the Nuns” 5k run / walk / stroll around campus
  • St. Ann’s Annual Community Carnival
  • Annual Veteran’s Day celebration on the lawns
  • Antique Car Show
  • Local Pulaski Day and Santa Parade participation

These annual events are complimented by an active and dynamic schedule of weekly and one-time events published every month for residents and staff in our monthly newsletter. Open the November 2016 Mary’s Haven Calendar or the November 2016 Joachim’s Place Calendar