Core Services

Rehabilitation: The Sister Mary Therese Esselman Center for Rehabilitation
We consider Rehabilitation a path we share with our residents, one that combines clinical expertise with compassion for the healing process. The journey begins with each resident and the rehabilitation services that his or her physician agrees will help them regain strength, improve mobility and acquire a feeling of greater stability in his or her daily activities. The Center was named in 2011 to honor Sister Mary Therese, a Carmelite Sister who dedicated 10 years of her religious service to the residents and families of St. Ann’s.

We are committed to this interdisciplinary-team approach to care, keeping each resident and his or her family at the center of the care continuum, as did Sister Mary Therese. The St. Ann’s Rehabilitation team works closely with the onsite interdisciplinary team, to help residents learn more about ways to cope with the life changes that may occur before, during or after rehabilitation. Our commitment is to help our residents return to the best possible physical level and quality of life as soon as possible, and to help each one return home or progress to a more appropriate living space.

Assisted Living
Our belief is that you should be allowed to age where you would like and to be as confident, comfortable, and graceful as possible. We believe this is not only the appropriate physical and spiritual approach, but one which also provides for a better and more personalized quality of life.

That is why St. Ann’s offers Assisted Living as a continuum of care built on the philosophy known as “Aging in Place,” with a wide range of services available to all Assisted Living residents. Equally important is the Catholic foundation of the Carmelite Sisters who founded, and still operate, St. Ann’s and their belief that an active and rewarding faith journey is vital to aging well.

Moving into Assisted Living is a major change in everyone’s life, and our staff is here to make the transition as smooth and safe as possible, and to help create a loving home. St. Ann’s has a total of 75 Assisted Living beds. The rooms are located in Mary’s Haven, with its three levels of care, and 10 beds are in Joseph’s Haven, a secured Alzheimer’s unit.

Nursing Care
St. Ann’s staff members proudly say that compassion, care and comfort are at the center of what they do. The staff is highly committed to serve the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health of the residents they have the privilege to care for. Each day, we live out our mission by providing a loving and faith-based community for older adults, inspired by our Carmelite Sisters’ foundation of fraternity, service and prayer.

St. Ann’s is uniquely positioned to manage the challenges and needs associated with the advanced stages of aging. We offer Nursing Care options with a full range of nursing services and spiritual care available to residents who require care for chronic medical conditions, or for those who are unstable on their own, in two units: Joachim’s Place and Elizabeth’s Place.

Alzheimer’s Care
At St. Ann’s, we recognize that each person’s experience with memory loss is different, which is why we serve elders facing memory loss or other cognitive impairment on a highly personalized basis.

We are a knowledgeable provider of Alzheimer’s and dementia services. Our focus is centered on understanding the disease process, knowing our residents, and designing programs that meet their individual needs. We also work with the families of residents to help them understand the changes caused by Alzheimer’s and to make any life adjustments that are necessary.

Hospice Care
St. Ann’s is committed to provide comfort and assistance to residents, and their families and friends, dealing with a terminal or life-limiting illness or condition leading to a decision that treatment is no longer effective. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for those facing these end-of-life issues with dignity, compassion and peace.

Our interdisciplinary team provides palliative care and supports a resident’s choice of hospice care, embracing a holistic approach in our support of residents and families, which encompasses the mind, body and spirit. Together, we focus on educating and discussing choices that are available, offering options, and respecting decision.

Our team of professionally-trained staff is also available for bereavement care for anyone coping with the grief that comes with one’s own terminal illness or the death of a loved one. We serve as a reassuring presence, walking with you in the grieving process.

It is our privilege to help residents and their families obtain a level of readiness for end of life, by supporting them while they live.

St. Ann’s residents facing end of life decisions may select hospice care provided by area hospice care communities. Further, St. Ann’s is a founding partner in one of these area providers – Emmanuel Hospice – formed with three other Grand Rapids based senior health care facilities to create an exemplary spiritual and physical care hospice service.

Emmanuel Hospice is an ecumenical collaboration of four faith-based organizations with over 200 years of combined experience providing quality health care services in West Michigan. These partners – St. Ann’s, Clark, Porter Hills and Sunset – joined together to deliver the highest level of holistic care to those who have reached end of life.