St. Ann’s Center for Rehabilitation is well equipped to address the range of challenges associated with aging and includes rehabilitation beds within our campus, on 23 acres of Grand Rapids’ West Side. Rehabilitation Services are provided by therapists from Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital placed on our campus.

Our typical resident is with our Rehabilitation program for less than 15 days, and throughout his or her stay we hold regular care conferences to help ensure quality of care and to ensure the resident and team are on track. Services are available seven days a week and on holidays if needed.

St. Ann’s has expert discharge planning services staff, who facilitate home evaluation, referrals to other key community resources, help with scheduling appointments, and post-discharge follow up check-ins. Our Rehabilitation Services team includes Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital staff who are highly qualified clinicians, including Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Therapists. The Rehabilitation Team is part of an excellent interdisciplinary team that works together to meet the needs of all residents.

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