Common Questions and Answers

Q: Does St. Ann’s require that I am a Catholic to become a resident?

A: St. Ann’s does not require its residents to be Catholic to enter into our community. You should remember that the overall environment is Catholic and Christian, which means that Carmelite Sisters are active and involved in your care; Sacraments and Holy Liturgies are offered but not required; we provide a Christian and supporting environment for everyone, no matter his or her faith or life journey.


Q: Is there an age requirement to become a resident?

A: St. Ann’s asks that residents are 65 or older at the time he or she moves in, but we understand how life circumstances are different for everyone and we will be very happy to discuss any unique personal circumstances.


Q: Is St. Ann’s accredited?

A: Yes, St. Ann’s is fully licensed by the State of Michigan as an assisted living and nursing care facility, under the category of “Homes for the Aged.” Licensing is assured by the Michigan Department of Human Services, Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing.


Q: Do you offer different floor plans and different rates for rooms?

A: St. Ann’s does have different room options and our staff will work closely with you to determine the best location for you, and your spouse if you are married. Our rates for Mary’s Haven, our assisted living unit, are based upon room size (deluxe private, large private, small private and semi-private) and level of care needed by the resident. Level of care is determined by the criteria provided in our “Level of Care” Assessment and other forms.


Q: Is transportation available?

A: St. Ann’s owns and operates a state of the art bus, that includes wheelchair lift and safety and security features to ensure resident and staff comfort and safety. St. Ann’s is also a stop on The Rapid, the Grand Rapids area public transportation system. The Rapid offers a full schedule of urban buses and routes that cover the entire metro area. The Rapid also provides fixed-route demand-response services for people with disabilities.